Horses at Work

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Argues for recognition of horses' critical contribution to the history of American energy and the rise of American industrial power, and an understanding of the reasons for their replacement as prime movers.


* List of Illustrations
* Preface
* Introduction
*1. Why Horses
*2. A Landscape for Horses
*3. Remaking Horses
*4. Civil War Horses
*5. Horses as Industrial Workers
*6. Studying Horses
*7. From Horse Powered to Horseless
* Epilogue
* Appendix: Horse Population and Power
* Notes
* Index


Ann Norton Greene is a Lecturer and Administrator in History and Sociology of Science at the University of Pennsylvania.


Greene explains the paradoxical thriving of the 19th-century horse with a pleasing balance of narrative analysis and colorful detail. -- Caleb Crain New York Times Book Review 20081130
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Untertitel: Harnessing Power in Industrial America. 26 halftones, 3 graphs. Sprache: Englisch.
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