Pattern Cutting for Lingerie, Beachwear and Leisurewear

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September 2004



This unique book contains a full range of blocks and patterns to cope with all aspects of lingerie, beachwear and leisurewear. It explains not only the methods of cutting but also the reasoning behind the methods, so that you can learn to adapt the information to other situations.
* All the instructions have been tried and tested - so they work
* Offers many 'tips of the trade' to give a professional appearance to completed garments
* Encourages you to experiment in textbook size by supplying one-fifth scale blocks
* Demonstrates how to make the fullest use of patterns as practised in industry
* Considers the influence of choice of fabric on the way a pattern works
* New features include tips for achieving the best results when taking personal measurements, optimum fit patterns for close fitting garments, outstanding patterns for larger cup sizes, thongs, tankinis, basques, bustiers and hipster trousers.


Part 1: Principle patterns from bras to bathrobes.
The basic blocks.
Lingerie - Underwear.
Lingerie - Nightwear.
Part 2: Further developments.
Beach and leisurewear.
Blocks for stretch fabrics.


Ann Haggar has taught extensively at degree level using her wide industrial experience. She has also written two fashion supplements for the classic books Dress Pattern Designing and More Dress Pattern Designing, both by Natalie Bray.
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