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For more than a decade, the Stretch to Win system has been used by many elite athletes. Now, the same stretching matrix used by the pros is available for coaches and athletes looking to reach a higher level of performance.


Ann Frederick developed her Stretch To Win System of Flexibility Training and Stretching based on her academic interest in Human Movement and more than thirty years experience in multiple dance disciplines. She uses her techniques on many professional athletes- including some of those who competed in the 2004 Olympics. Previously a professional dancer and martial arts practitioner, Chris Frederick began to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. Whilst training with Ann Frederick he collaborated with her to develop stretching techniques that greatly improve recovery from injury and surgery.


""Flexibility is a key to an athlete's success. The advice, exercises, and programs in" Stretch to Win "will enable your body and mind to be balanced and connected so you can perform your best.""
Donovan McNabb
Quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles
Five-time Pro Bowl selection
"""Stretch to Win "has been a tremendous asset to me. I always had trouble with my hamstrings, but after working with Chris and Ann I was able to compete without pain. I use the routines every day, and they help me stay injury free.""
Sanya Richards
2004 Olympic 4x400-meter gold medalist
2005 world outdoor 400-meter silver medalist and U.S. outdoor champion
""The artistry and rhythm of the Fredericks' approach to stretching are supported by the science of flexibility. The debate may continue over the efficacy of stretching, but in the real world of athletics, the Fredericks' method answers the challenge and meets the need of certified athletic trainers and certified massage therapists.""
Benny Vaughn, LMT, ATC, CSCS, NCTMB
Athletic Therapy Center
Fort Worth, Texas
""Making the Stretch To Win System an essential part of my off and in-season training has maximized my athletic performance and has eliminated major injuries so that I'm able to play my best at each and every game.""
Na'il Diggs
Green Bay Packers
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