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März 2003



Examines trauma in many forms of lesbian popular culture in cultural, political, and depathologized ways.


Ann Cvetkovich is Associate Professor of English at the University of Texas at Austin. She is the author of "Mixed Feelings: Feminism, Mass Culture, and Victorian Sensationalism."


"Avoiding bullshit moralism and sentimentality, Ann Cvetkovich breathes new life into the study of trauma. This is the book I looked for in so many libraries and bookstores, and never found. It is not only brilliant but totally necessary." Kathleen Hanna of the band Le Tigre "An Archive of Feelings makes an extremely important contribution to queer and feminist cultural studies by insisting upon the public, and indeed national dimensions, of sexual trauma. Cvetokovich's book argues for the productive rather than repressive power of trauma and accounts for its role in the production of queer identities and queer counter publics. This is queer cultural studies at its finest!" Judith Halberstam, author of Female Masculinity "the founding text of what will with any luck become a discipline: queer trauma studies." ... "unsettling and compelling." Magazine and Journal Reader
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