The Valency of English and German Deverbal Nouns

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Mai 2008



There are lots of works in the history of linguistics, which study the valency of verbs in different languages. However, not so many linguists have researched the valency of nouns and deverbal nouns so far, although various noun phrases have an essential role in a varied and lively language use.
For this reason, this book deals with the valency of English and German deverbal nouns. The main aim of the work is to determine and work out the differences between deverbal nouns in these two languages by the favour of a comparative linguistic analysis. This analysis is carried out on the basis of selected sentences, which have the same clause pattern in both languages. This work contains examples for all basic clause types.
This book should be useful to everyone, who is interested in linguistics, in comparativ linguistic analysis, especially in the field of valency of deverbal nouns.


Anita Kishalminé Galambos, Studied Germanistics and English at the University of Veszprém (now called Pannon University) in Hungary. German and English Teacher at the Eötvös József Grammar School, in a Hungarian town, called Tata.
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