Italian Mathematics Between the Two World Wars

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November 2005



This book describes Italian mathematics in the period between the two World Wars. It analyzes the development by focusing on both the interior and the external influences. Italian mathematics in that period was shaped by a colorful array of strong personalities who concentrated their efforts on a select number of fields and won international recognition and respect in an incredibly short time. Consequently, Italy was considered a third mathematical power after France and Germany.


Prologue.- Nothing is as it was before.- Volterra's leadership.- Fascism: somebody rise, others fall.- One man alone in the lead.- The CNR alternative.- The 1930s move forward.- Towards disaster.- Conclusions.



From the reviews:
"What the book conveys is the richness of Italian mathematics throughout the period and, despite being expert in none of these fields, the authors captured my imagination and made me want to know more of such mathematical ideas ... immensely enjoyable for all that."(MAA REVIEWS)
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