French in the Primary Classroom

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Februar 2009



A dedicated resource that supports primary classroom teachers and teaching assistants in the delivery of the National Languages Strategy.


Getting Started with French: Ideas for Planning, Teaching and Assessment;
Hello France! Salut la France!;
French for Every Day - Le Francais pour tous les jours;
Supporting Learning with French: Enhancing Literacy and ICT Skills through French;
All Together Now - Tous ensemble;
Encouraging Creativity: Ideas for Project and Display Work;
Games Galore!


Angela McLachlan is at the School of Education, University of Manchester.


"Non-linguist teachers of primary French will find a wealth of ideas, information and activities in this book to enable them to feel secure, knowledgeable and ready to teach. Teachers are guided to websites and other resources and provided with helpful cultural information and points about grammar and vocabulary as well as lesson ideas, project suggestions and teaching tips. There are, in the author's own words 'games galore'. More experienced and specialist teachers will find many ideas to extend their own teaching repertoire. This is a fun yet serious book that promotes quality language teaching and learning."
Dr Jane Jones, Head of MFL Teacher Education King's College London. November 2008--Sanford Lakoff
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