Ik ben zo blij dat ik hier ben - I am so glad that I am here

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Mai 2008



This written work is a brief consideration of the nature of my art practice. It seeks to discover the importance of memory to the spatial, emotional and political constructs that inform my understanding of place. Within the broader context of the Australian immigrant experience, history and personal memories are explored by looking into the notion of domestic space as embodied by the house and its relationship to the home. The female role in the family is discussed in terms of the commonly understood stereotypes associated with home in western society. By traversing a range of ideas from philosophical and scientific domains, with a focus on contemporary art, the significance of memory is highlighted as the thread that holds these notions together.


Angela Femia\'s artistic practice often integrates sculpture with video and sound. Reflection, repetition, transparency and symmetry are important recurring elements. Angela has exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas, received a number of significant awards and recently completed her Master of Visual Art in sculpture at Sydney College of the Arts with a University of Sydney Post-Graduate Award.
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