Making the White Man's Indian: Native Americans and Hollywood Movies

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Juli 2005



Looks at the history of depictions and treatment of Native Americans in movies from the silent era through the present day.


Foreword; Preface; Introduction; Hollywood and the Silent American; A Cultural Division; Indian Adventures and Interracial Romances; War and Its Indian Allies; Red Becomes White; A Shattered Illusion; Savagery on the Frontier; Beyond the Western; Conclusion; Appendix A: Motion Picture Screened; Appendix B: Motion Picture Archives; Selected Bibliography


Angela Aleiss is a freelance film writer who has contributed to such publications as the Los Angeles Times, Variety, and The Washington Post. She lectures at California State University, Long Beach.


""Making the White Man's Indian" reminds us that films were made to make money and that they reflected whatever niche Indians occupied in the American attitude toward Indians and minorities at the time the films were made. Professor Aleiss explains why Hollywood representation of Indians has swung back and forth between the Indian-as-savage and the Indian-as-noble and sympathetic. Portraying Indians as people is not new....Hollywood may shape images but it responds in a cultural context. Her reviews of many obscure or forgotten films are a bonus....[b]elongs in the mainstream of current interpretations of Indian representations." - NDO North Dakota Quarterly
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