Real or Not?: Health Scams and Beauty Fallacies Exposed

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Mai 2005



- This book is the first in the market that features essays from a well-researched scam busting column on health fantasies with a local slant- The wide readership of The Straits Times and the scrutiny of doctors and scientists on these essays attest to their rigor and well-argued nature- This book will attract readers from most parts of Asia, given the rising affluence and a consumerist culture fascinated with beauty treatments and health matters.


Shy About Sexy Matters?; Forever Young and Trim?; Is that Really a Cure?; You're Sure, Doc?; What's that in My Food?


"One of the challenges in effective communication is to explain complex information in a manner that is true in content, but understandable to the audience. Andy Ho has accomplished something that only a few journalist/writers of the likes of Thomas Friedman and Carl Sagan have achieved: the ability to transmit complex and often abstract concepts in a simple and straightforward manner that is interpretable to the lay public. In Ho's new book, 'Real or Not?', he walks the reader through a large number of controversial health topics informing us of the technical issues, and leading us to recognize the larger, human questions raised. Each essay is extensively researched and delightfully crafted. Equally important, Andy Ho exhibited an uncanny ability to teach us the substantive but technical facts about such focused topics as chelation therapy, caloric restriction, collagen injections, human anatomy so that we can navigate what is being marketed to us in obesity, cosmetics, anti-ageing, infectious diseases, and sex enhancements. The fact that Andy Ho is a medical doctor, a PhD in public policy, and a seasoned journalist, allowed him to weave medicine with policy, economics with science into short stories that inform a wide range of readers and that delight. To the guy on the street to the professor of medicine, Andy Ho's 'Real or Not?' is a book that should be read." Edison T Liu, MD Executive Director Genome Institute of Singapore
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