UN Peacekeeping: Myth and Reality

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November 2006



The UN peacekeeping system has largely outlived its usefulness and is bound to fail when applied to current violent and messy conflagrations.


ANDRZEJ SITKOWSKI is an independent researcher who has worked with the United Nations for 32 years as a staff member and advisor to peacekeeping missions.


"Early on, Sitkowski, who worked with the UN for 18 years, points out weaknesses of current UN peacekeeping missions: they must be authorized by the Security Council, they rely on voluntary contributions of equipment or troops from member states, and they hamper troops in the field, even when those troops are granted Chapter VII authorization to use force. These peacekeepers, says Sitkowski, are like firefighters who must wait for the city council to approve their missions, while being limited to using water only in self-defense, when their own pants catch fire. He has little patience with political leaders who assume that the symbolic presence of international forces can by itself neutralize a conflict. Either the UN should beef up its current peacekeeping rules, he argues, or it should limit itself to neutral military observer missions. After dissecting problems in the Congo, Namibia, Cambodia, Somalia, Rwanda, and former Yugoslavia missions, Sitkowski ends on a pessimistic note, expecting business as usual to continue. The author contributes a clear-eyed analysis of recent UN peacekeeping, which he would rename peace support operations. While less theoretical than other works on peacekeeping, the book could work well as a text in courses on international organization. Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals." - Choice
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