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Aiming to bring great historical writing to a wider market, this is an exciting retelling of Waterloo - one of the truly decisive battles of history. Andrew Roberts is one of the UK's most eminent historical writers.


Andrew Roberts took a first in modern history from Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge. He is a fellow of the Institute of Napoleonic Studies and has lectured on Napoleon in America, Canada and Britain. Along with Colonel John Hughes-Wilson of the Corps of Battlefield Guides, he conducts annual tours to Waterloo under the auspices of Tours with Experts.


'Roberts gives us a typically concise, pacy and well-argued account that puts many of its predecessors to shame!a masterly synthesis of the latest scholarship.' Saul David, Sunday Telegraph 'Roberts's prose is as lively as the action he describes; he is comprehensive in his survey of Waterloo historiography, and generous in his attributions.' Allan Mallinson, Spectator 'Roberts writes with great clarity about the shape, progress and tactics of the battle.' Andrew Holgate, Sunday Times 'In this admirably concise and spirited book, Roberts mixes just the right amount of specific anecdote and human detail into his analysis of how this extraordinary battle unfolded.' Christopher Silvester, Daily Express 'Andrew Roberts covers the five distinct phases of the battle with panache, and he touches on all of the major areas of controversy that make Waterloo so fascinating.' Simon Shaw, Mail on Sunday 'The battle of Waterloo is both one of the most decisive in history and the most difficult to describe. Andrew Roberts, by prodigous research and by virtue of a clean, well-argued analysis, has produced the most convincing description of that fearsome day I have ever read. It should remain the most authoritative account for many years.' Paul Johnson 'Andrew Roberts has amply demonstrated why Napoleon lost in this short but wonderfully lucid account. He tells us all we need to know about the strategy and tactics and maintains a felicitous balance between narrative and analysis.' Lawrence James, London Evening Standard 'Roberts always has something original to say, and here he presents a concise account. Its brevity has an advantage. It is of ideal length to read on a Eurostar train to Brussels on the way to visit the haunted battlefield.' Tom Pocock, Literary Review 'This elegantly produced book, with good maps and photographs, would be a perfect introduction to those who are starting on the endless interest in Waterloo but it also has new aspects for those who already have a lifetime's involvement.' Elizabeth Deverell, The Waterloo Journal Andrew Roberts's Waterloo is a small masterpiece!a military history of a high order.' John Lukacs
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