A Revolution in Manufacturing

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April 1985



Written by the industrial engineer who developed SMED (single-minute exchange of die) for Toyota, A Revolution in Manufacturing provides a full overview of this powerful "just in time" production tool. It offers the most complete and detailed instructions available anywhere for transforming a manufacturing environment in ways that will speed up production and make small lot inventories feasible. The author delves into both the theory and practice of the SMED system, explaining fundamentals as well as techniques for applying SMED. The critically acclaimed text is supported with hundreds of illustrations and photographs, as well as twelve chapter-length case studies.


Publisher's Preface Foreword Introduction PART ONE: THEORY AND PRACTICE OF THE SMED SYSTEM 1. The Structure of Production 2. Setup Operations in the Past 3. Fundamentals of SMED 4. Techniques for Applying SMED 5. Applying SMED to Internal Operations 6. Basic Examples of SMED 7. Effects of SMED PART TWO: THE SMED SYSTEM -- CASE STUDIES 8. Implementing SMED Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Washing Machine Division (Mikuni Plant) 9. Setup Improvements Based on the Toyota Production System Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. 10. A Quick-Setting ("Q-S") Campaign Nippon Kogaku K.K. (Oi Plant) 11. Using SMED on a Farm Machinery Processing Line Kubota, Ltd. (Sakai Plant) 12. Setup Improvements Based on Shop Circle Activities Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd. 13. Comprehensive Development of the SMED Concept to Include Affiliated Plants Arakawa Auto Body Industries K.K. 14. SMED Developments in Producing Slide Bearings T.H. Kogyo K.K. 15. Examples and Effects of the SMED System Glory Industries K.K. 16. Achievement of SMED Through Company-Wide Activities Kyoei Kogyo K.K. 17. SMED in Tire Manufacturing Processes Bridgestone Tire Co., Ltd. 18. Using SMED for Aluminum Die-Casting Dies Tsuta Machine and Metals Co., Ltd. 19. The Shingo One-Touch Die Exchange System: The Boltless Method Postscript About the Author Index
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