The Research Funding Toolkit

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Writing high quality grant applications is easier when you know how research funding agencies work and how your proposal is treated in the decision-making process. The Research Funding Toolkit provides this knowledge and teaches you the necessary skills to write high quality grant applications.

A complex set of factors determine whether research projects win grants. This handbook helps you understand these factors and then face and overcome your personal barriers to research grant success. The guidance also extends to real-world challenges of grant-writing, such as obtaining the right feedback, dealing effectively with your employer and partner institutions, and making multiple applications efficiently.

There are many sources that will tell you what a fundable research grant application looks like. Very few help you learn the skills you need to write one. The Toolkit fills this gap with detailed advice on creating and testing applications that are readable, understandable and convincing.


How to Be a Fundable Researcher
How to Find Funding
How to Get Good Advice
How to Plan Your Applications
How Funding Agencies Make Decisions
How to Get the Best from Your Employer
How to Say What Needs to Be Said in the Case for Support
How to Exploit the Application Template
How to Convince Decision-Makers: Arguments and Evidence
How to Write for Funding Agencies: Language and Style
How to Test Your Draft Applications
How to Assemble Your Budget
How to Put Together Collaborative Projects
Appendix 1: How to Run 'Toolkit' Workshops
Appendix 2: The Application Template Overview
Appendix 3: The Funded Applications: More Information


'The authors of The Research Funding Toolkit, guide the reader through constructing a grant application step by step, and succeed in providing a very useful tool for success in the research world. Although writing an application is often a daunting and dreaded task, this book is neither boring nor uninspiring: every page is clear and enjoyable, and includes a broad range of examples included from across many disciplines. Thirty-six examples are extracted from eight actual funded applications, covering a diverse selection of funding agencies in several countries. This book is a must-have for every researcher, whether junior or senior, and should be required reading for every member of a department. This book will allow readers to organize a workshop with research groups, with easy to follow steps exercises that Aldridge and Derrington suggest. The result will surely be an interesting and much-improved research proposal that will have high chances of obtaining that next grant'
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