Plato's Sun: An Introduction to Philosophy

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Juni 2005



In Plato's Sun, Andrew Lawless takes on the challenge of creating an introductory text for philosophy, arguing that such a work has to take into account of the strangeness of the field and divulge it, rather than suppress it beneath traditional certainties and authoritative pronouncements.


Preface Acknowledgements * What Is Philosophy?* Metaphysics: The Search for the God's-Eye View* Wittgenstein's Ladder: The Modern Reaction to Metaphysics* Epistemology: The Ghost in the Metaphysical Machine* Logic and Its Place in the Universe* Ethics: The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful* Philosophy and Language: The House of Being Appendix 1: The Twelve-Coin Puzzle and the paradox of the Heap Appendix 2: Ethics and the 'Other'


Andrew Lawless is a professor in the Department of Humanities at Vanier College.


"'An excellent introduction to philosophy for anyone interested in the area, be they students or not, Plato's Sun is not just a book about philosophy, it is philosophy. Readers engage the text by doing philosophy, even if they aren't aware they are. Andrew Lawless's comprehensive review of the Western philosophical tradition, including the ideas of most major philosophers is enjoyable and easy to read. This is truly a first rate text.' Christopher D. Viger, Department of Philosophy, University of Western Ontario"
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