Pocket Medical Terminology

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This pocket-sized, medical term "dictionary" organizes entries according to body systems and medical topics, making specific words easy to locate. Quick reference boxes in each section enable users to look up terms according to common names or learn the medical terminology for common words, and page numbers are provided to facilitate cross-referencing.


Introduction: The components of medical words
1. Cells, tissues, organs and systems
2. The digestive system
3. The respiratory system
4. The cardiovascular system
5. The blood
6. The lymphatic system and immunology
7. The urinary system
8. The nervous system
9. The eye
10. The ear
11. The skin
12. The nose and mouth
13. The muscular system
14. The skeletal system
15. The male reproductive system
16. The female reproductive system and obstetrics
17. The endocrine system
18. Radiology and nuclear medicine
19. Oncology
20. Anatomical position
21. Microbiology
22. Pharmacology Abbreviations Glossary
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