Playgoing in Shakespeare's London

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A newly revised edition of Andrew Gurr's classic account of playgoing in Shakespeare's time.


1. Introduction; 2. Physical conditions; 3. Social composition; 4. Mental composition; 5. The evolution of tastes; Appendix 1: Playgoers 1567-1642; Appendix 2: References to playgoing.


Andrew Gurr is Emeritus Professor, University of Reading. His many books include The Shakespearean Stage 1574-1642 (third edition 1993), Writers in Exile, Playgoing in Shakespeare's London (second edition 1996), The Shakespearian Playing Companies (1996), and (with Mariko Ichikawa) Staging in Shakespeare's Theatres (2000).


"...a staple in Shakespeare studies. Essential." P.D. Nelsen, Marlboro College, CHOICE "This amusing glimpse into the habits of the London audiences, and the use to which Gurr puts it, are characteristic of his informative study." The Times Literary Supplement
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