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This book provides a unique source for expert witnesses and underwriters in engineering litigation of a range of case examples that can be used to plan their future litigation. It will help them develop their own winning lines of arguments. The examples are based on the author's 30-year experience in engineering litigation. Students in forensic engineering and risk engineering will find the book an ideal introduction to the subject.


Case Examples of mechanical failures
Case Examples of Product Liability
Case Examples of Human Injury
Case Examples of Fraud and Crime
Case Examples Intellectual Property Litigation
Concluding Notes


Professor Andrew Samuel is Professorial Fellow (hon.) in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Melbourne. His textbook, Introduction to Engineering Design, Samuel and Weir, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1999 (0-7506-4282-3) is a commonly used text in its area. His book, Make and Test Projects in Engineering Design is currently in production and will be published by Springer London in mid-2004.
The author has thirty years' experience of work as an expert witness in engineering litigation of machinery failure, human injury and intellectual property and is lead consultant for the firm Engineering Investigations and Associates.
Forensic Engineering acts as an introduction and guide to those working in forensic engineering by detailing the processes involved in engineering litigation before demonstrating how these work in practice through over thirty case histories in mechanical failure, product liability, human injury, fraud and crime and intellectual property, covering the full range of subjects on which a professional expert witness in engineering may be called to testify.
Working as an expert witness is a career option taken by many senior engineering academics and forensic engineering is a growing minor subject in engineering faculties in the US and Europe.

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