Through Time

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Subtitled, "An Unofficial & Unauthorised History Of Doctor Who". In this new history of the show, Andrew Cartmel (script editor from 1987 to 1990) looks into the social and cultural impact of British TV phenomenon, providing a fascinating read for committed and casual fans alike.


Foreword; Introduction; Chapter 1: British science fiction, Time Machines and Triffids; Chapter 2: Doctor Who's origins as a children's program; Chapter 3: The astonishing success of Doctor Who and the Daleks; Chapter 4: The regeneration game; Chapter 5: No longer merely a Time Lord; Chapter 6: The quandary of special effects. Chapter 7: Doctor Who takes on America; Chapter 8: The crowded TARDIS; Chapter 9: The Seventh Doctor; Chapter 10: The show goes into dormancy; Chapter 11: Doctor Who fandom; Chapter 12: The new Doctor Who; Appendix: A case study of a Doctor Who story.


Andrew Cartmel is a writer who lives in London. He was the script editor on Doctor Who from 1987 to 1990, and is also the author of the War Trilogy of spin-off novels from the show.


"The appeal of Through Time lies not in thoughtful analysis or insight, but in sheer joy: it's funny, witty, and idiosyncratic, focused on story arcs and behind-the-scene personalities, all filtered through the mind of an insider." Science Fiction Research Association Review
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