Channelized Rivers: Perspectives for Environmental Management

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Januar 1991



Channelized Rivers Perspectives for Environmental Management Andrew Brookes Environmental Consultant, Reading, UK For centuries engineers have modified river channels in order to control floods, drain land, prevent erosion and improve navigation. The natural shape of many rivers has been dramatically changed, often with dire environmental consequences. This book demonstrates the role fluvial geomorphology can play in the design of river channels, both to lessen environmental impact and to enhance the success of channelization schemes. It considers the physical and biological impacts of channelization, the repercussions downstream and in the adjacent floodplain. Revised procedures and designs are proposed which minimize harsh environmental impacts. The interdisciplinary approach of the book offers river managers the opportunity to make more environmentally sensitive decisions in the course of their work. The book will be of great interest to geomorphologists, biologists and civil engineers working in the water industry.


Conventional River Engineering. ENVIRONMENTAL LEGISLATION. Legislative Framework. EFFECTS OF CHANNELIZATION. Physical Effects. Biological Impacts. Downstream Consequences. RECOMMENDATIONS. Revised Construction Procedures. Mitigation, Enhancement, and Restoration Techniques. POSTSCRIPT AND PROSPECTS. Appendix. References. Indexes.
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