Inventory Methods in LCA

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Mai 2008



This book clarifies a number of methodological issues in Life Cycle Inventory modelling, as part of LCA. Some of these issues have been on the agenda for a long time, without coming to generally accepted solutions, and often not even to agreement on alternative approaches.
Several of these subjects relate to the specific nature of LCA as a relatively
simple method for decision support, focusing on technology relations in the life cycle. By this focus, it is simple enough to be operable by `small` users, but at the cost of leaving out many mechanism which are operant in reality.
The report before you has three main chapters:
Chapter 1 gives a survey of issues in LCA which need further elaboration, and indicates priorities.
Chapter 2 is about current LCA and how it may advance in terms of a number of methods issues: Multifunctionality; prospective and descriptive analysis in LCA; and data quality, uncertainty and validation.
Chapter 3 is about how sustainability analysis might advance, not within the current limitations of ISO LCA. This chapter may function as a framework for improving sustainability analysis: as broadened and deepened LCA, as `New LCA` or `beyond LCA`.


Sven Lundie, Centre for Water and Waste Technology at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia;
Andreas Ciroth, GreenDeltaTC GmbH, Berlin, Germany; and
Gjalt Huppes, Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML), Leiden University,
Leiden, the Netherlands.
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