Computers in the Classroom: How Teachers and Students Are Using Technology to Transform Learning

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Oktober 1996



Computers in the Classroom tells the stories of six schools that are using computers to revitalize teaching and learning in the classroom. Written in an informative and entertaining manner, these remarkable stories reveal how the introduction of computer technology has transformed the educational experience of the students, the teachers, and their communities. Each portrait shows how computers created opportunities for students that would only have been possible using this technology.


Foreword; Newark Studies: Writing About Community (St. Benedict's Preparatory School, Newark, New Jersey); Hypertext Folklife Project: Culture Becomes Curriculum (Abita Springs Elementary School, Abita Springs, Louisiana); Computer Greenhouse Effect: Bringing Biology to Life (South Philadelphia High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania); 21st Century Learning: Putting School to Work (Dos Palos High School, Dos Palos, California); Computer Mini-School: Technology Builds Community (P.S. 125 Ralph Bunche School, New York, New York); Myths and Legends: Creating New Traditions (Pine Ridge High School, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota); Conclusion: Lessons Learned; Resource Guide.


?The electronic world provides profoundly new challenges to education that both confound all of the other problems and provide hope for solving them. Schools must incorporate computing into everyday functioning and prepare students to live in an adult world where computing is pervasive.? --From the foreword by Herbert Kohl
?Must reading for all school administrators and educators! This book will help your expand your vision as to how technology can be used to truly improve student learning and achievement. It also describes approaches to using technology that works in the classroom.? --Kenneth M. Bird, superintAndent, The Westside Community Schools, Omaha, Nebraska
?Teachers, parents, students, and administrators can produce surprising and valuable learning when they apply their own creativity in ways that meet their own local needs. Computers in the Classroom provides a rich, in-depth cases that will inform and inspire other communities to take advantage to technologies in similarly powerful ways.? --Beverly Hunter, program manager, Educational Technology System, BBN, and author of My Students Use Computers
?I applaud the six schools described within these pages for their masterful creations of seamless technology integration! These tremAndous learning experiences can only take place, however, if schools invest wisely and businesses remain supportive. The education of today's child requires an investment from the entire community. This is a must read' book for those interested in the effective integration of technology into the classroom.? --Scott R. Muri, technology specialist, Celebration School, Celebration, Fla.
"In this book...the examples give teachers, parents, and administrators proven models of how technology can revitalize the educational process and most of all, free the imagination of the children." --Patterns, an ASCD newsletter
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