Realizing Rights: Transforming Approaches to Sexual and Reproductive Well-Being

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Sexual and reproductive wellbeing has gained recognition as a basic right, enshrined in international law. Yet reality on the ground is different, as society, health programmes and aid agencies are all entrenched in old ways. This book portrays a range of innovative examples from around the world.


PART 1: VOICES AND CHOICES 1. Just Lipservice? Sex Worker Participation in Sexual and Reproductive Health Interventions - Cheryl Overs, Jo Doezema and Meena Shivdas 2. Institutionalising Youth Participation in a Large International Organisation: Experiences from the International Planned Parenthood Federation - Kathryn Faulkner and Jessica Knott 3. Putting Breast Cancer on the Map in Britain - Helen Lynn and Diana Ward 4. Positive Women: Voices and Choices in Zimbabwe - Rayah Feldman, Joanne Manchester and Caroline Maposhere 5. Playing in the Dust: Gender Games and Women's Health in Northern Nigeria - Oga Steve Abah 6. Using Visual Techniques to Initiate Discussions on Gender Violence in Zambia - Ann Sutherland & Felicia Sakala PART 2: CHANGING NORMS: BEYOND INDIVIDUAL BEHAVIOUR CHANGE 7. Gender, Sex and HIV: How to Address Issues that No-one Wants to Hear About - Alice Welbourn 8. Ain't Misbehavin: Beyond Awareness and Individual Behaviour Change - Jerker Edstr?m, With Arturo Cristobal, Tilly Sellers and Chulani De Soyza 9. "Before We Were Sleeping but Now We Are Awake"; The Stepping Stones Workshop Programme in the Gambia - Matthew Shaw 10. Safely Through the Night: A Review of Behaviour Change in the Context of HIV/AIDS in Africa - Ann Smith and John Howson 11. A Participatory Approach to a Mid-Term Review: The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) Community-Based Care Programme, Uganda - Lucy Antivelink, Andrew Abalio, Doreen Byateesa, Naome Gonahasa, Margaret Kabanda, Connie Kajura, Bernard Lukwago, John Mike, Mary Mwiri, Lucy Shillingi, Peter Ssebbanja, Stephen Watuwa With John Mwesigwa, Ben Osuga, Ros Cooper And Alice Welbourn 12. Promoting the Participation of Men in Community-Based HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care in Cambodia - Tilly Sellers, Pok Panhavichetr and Ly Chansophal PART 3: MAKING MESSAGES THAT MAKE SENSE 13. Making Sense of Sexuality and Reproduction: A Participatory Approach to Materials Development with Young People in Brazil - Maria De Nazareth Agra Hassen 14. Lessons from "Auntie Stella": Using PRA to Promote Reproductive Health Education in Zimbabwe's Secondary Schools - Barbara Kaim 15. Radio HIV-Hop in South Africa - Zane Ibrahim 16. Working With Men On Health And Sexual And Reproductive Rights From A Gender Perspective: The Experience Of The 'Oficinas De Forro' In Brazil - Karla Galvao Adriao, Benedito Medrado, Jorge Lyra And Pedro Nascimento 17. Learning To Relearn Givens: Exploring Gender Strategies in Estonia - Jill Lewis 18. Body Mapping: Bridging the Gap between Biomedical Messages, Popular Knowledge and Lived Experience - Andrea Cornwall PART 4: BUILDING RESPONSIVENESS 19. The Role Of Research In Sensitising Auxiliary Nurse Midwives To A Women-Centred Approach To Health Care In Mumbai, India - Renu Khanna, Korrie De Koning, Sneha Khandekar, Anagha Pradhan Swati Pongurlekar, Usha Ubale 20. "I Never Used To Ask The Mothers...": Improving SRH Provision In Nepal Through Participatory Planning And Action - Pitamber Dhungana, Krishna Prasai, Tara Gynawali, Badri Pant, Kate Butcher 21. A 'Dialogue Of Knowledge' Approach To Better Reproductive, Sexual And Child Health In Rural Andean Communities - Lisa Howard-Grabman, Cynthia P. Willis, Elizabeth Arteaga, Carla Queierolo And Ccolla, Sejas Perez 22. At Your Service: Participatory Evaluation of Sexual Health Services for Young People in Practice - Martin Westerby and Janet Harris 23. Engaging Women: Learning About Safe Motherhood from Women in A Myanmar Slum - Frances McConville 24. Collaborative Planning to Improve Women's Health: Experiences from Egypt - Carla Rull Boussen and The Salammbo Group
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