Introduction to Maple

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April 2003



This book is an introduction to the modern computer algebra system Maple. The book intends to teach the reader not only what can be done by Maple, but also how it can be done. Emphasis is on understanding the Maple system more than on factual knowledge of built-in possibilities. To this end, the book contains both elementary and more sophisticated examples and many exercises. Introduction to Maple is not only a readable manual, explaining how to use Maple as a symbolic calculator, but also provides the necessary background to those who want to extend the built-in knowledge of Maple by implementing new algorithms. The typical reader should have a background in mathematics that is not at the beginner level. The book begins with an introduction to computer algebra, the first steps to calculus on numbers, and variables and names. It continues with such subjects as polynomials and rational functions, differentiation, integration and summation, simplification, graphics.


Introduction to Computer Algebra
* The First Steps: Calculus on Numbers
* Variables and Names
* Getting Around with Maple
* Polynomials and Rational Functions
* Internal Data Representation and Substitution
* Manipulation of Polynomials and Rational Expressions
* Functions
* Differentiation
* Integration and Summation
* Series, Approximation, and Limits
* Composite Data Types
* The Assume Facility
* Simplification
* Graphics
* Solving Equations
* Differential Equations
* The Kinear-Algebra Package
* Linear Algebra: Applications
* The Groebner Basis
* References
* Index
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