Study the Effects of Video Frames lost over Wireless Networks

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Mai 2010



Real Time Video Streaming had taken a prominent role in recent years and had emerged as state of the art technology in the field of Mobile Communications. The advancements in Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems (UMTS) networks have made it easier to provide a wide variety of multimedia applications that requires robust bandwidth and stable networks. The method of streaming videos is particularly useful in wireless networks since the mobile devices in those wireless networks have limited resources for data storage. However, there is a growing need to share videos in real time as the use of mobile devices increases; mobile devices can receive real time video streams over wireless mobile networks. These would be useful in video conferencing, mobile TV, and the broadcasting of live events. A lot of research is ongoing in the adaptation of present 3G mobile networks to support real-time video streaming services.


Anbarasan Thamizharasan was born in Tamil Nadu,India and graduated from Anna University with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. Later he continued his Master studies in Blekinge Institute of Technology,Sweden with Computer Science as major. This work was submitted to BTH under the guidance of professors Mr. Guohua Bai and Mr. Hussein Aziz.
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