Research Ethics

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Medicine in the twenty-first century is increasingly reliant on research to guarantee the safety and efficacy of medical interventions. As a result, the need to understand the ethical issues that research generates is becoming essential. This volume introduces the principal areas of concern in research on human subjects, offering a framework for understanding research ethics, and the relationship between ethics and compliance.
Research Ethics brings together leading scholars in bioethics and the topics covered include the unique concerns that arise in specific areas of research such as gene therapy and stem cell research. Individual chapters also address the ethical issues that occur when conducting research with specific populations such as infants or adolescents, and the volume looks at important emerging questions in human subjects research, namely financial conflicts of interest and the interpretation of scientific data.


1. Human Subjects Research: Ethics and Compliance 2. Ethics of Vaccine Research 3. Ethical Issues in the Conduct of Genetic Research 4. Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Human Therapeutic Cloning: Maintaining the Ethical Tension between Respect and Research 5. Conducting and Terminating Randomized Controlled Trials 6. Ethics in Behavioral and Social Sciences Research 7. When Should Research with Infants, Children, or Adolescents Be Permitted? 8. Biomedical Research in the Developing World: Ethical Issues and Dilemmas 9. Financial Conflicts of Interest and the Human Passion to Innovate 10. Interpreting Scientific Data Ethically: A Frontier for Research Ethics


Ana Smith Iltis teaches health care ethics at Saint Louis University, USA and her research interests are human subjects research ethics and organizational ethics.
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