Aga Cooking

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Easy-to-follow contemporary recipes including conventional oven instructions. 50 colour photos.


Amy Willcock is much admired for her extensive knowledge about getting the best out of your Aga and for her contemporary and appealing recipes. She runs three highly successful UK hotels with her husband, including the stylish, Michelin-star winning hotel, The George, on the Isle of Wight, where she holds regular Aga workshops and cookery courses.


"this book is enough to make you Aga gaga" Catriona Howatson, The Daily Telegraph 20020924 "Amy Willcock, hand holder to Aga owners everywhere" Nigella Lawson, Vogue 20020924 "an excellently inventive book...the book's great" Deanna Sparks, Observer Food Monthly 20021111 "a modern bible for anyone who owns, or dreams of owning, one of Aga's classic cookers" -- Tom Parker Bowles Mail on Sunday "Amy Willcock brings her effervescent personality and a real enthusiasm to Aga cooking. Her recipes are delicious and her book a joy to read." -- Simon Page, Sales & Marketing Manager, Aga.
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