The Revisionist Stage: American Directors Reinvent the Classics

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Juli 2006



Examines adaptations of classic dramatic works by controversial American directors.


List of illustrations; Preface; 1. Reinventing classic theatre; 2. Historical precedents in Europe and America; 3. Greek and Roman plays; 4. The plays of Shakespeare; 5. The plays of Moliere; 6. Peter Sellar's Mozart-da Ponte trilogy; 7. The classics, postmodernism, and the question of coherence; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


"...The Revisionist Stage is a useful and important book. It is an essential guide to the theory and practice of performing classic plays in the late twentieth century. ...a model of critical openess." THJ "...the book is well written, meets its stated goals, and includes detailed notes and bibliography. It will prove most helpful to those interested in 'bright ideas'." M. D. Whitlatch, Choice "...Amy S. Green has taken on a sizable task with apparent ease and much grace...[an] insightful look at some of the most noteworthy U.S. productions of the past three decades. Green's work is both theoretically and historically grounded and her excellent synthesis of wide-ranging materials into highly evocative descriptive prose contributes significantly to the body of information available about the theatre of this period in the U.S." Linda Miles, Theatre Insight "...the book is a worthwhile addition to the study of production." Arnold Aronson, American Studies
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