Big Book of Sweet Treats: 130 Sumptuous Recipes for Indulging in All Things Sweet

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A collection of 130 sweet baking recipes that includes recipes for biscuits, cakes, pancakes, and ice creams. It includes an introduction on how to get you started, covering basic equipment and ingredients. It is suitable for keen cooks or bakers looking for new ideas.


Pippa Cuthbert has degrees in nutrition and food science and works as a food stylist, caterer and recipe developer. Lindsay Cameron Wilson lives in London where she works as a food writer, recipe tester and stylist. Catherine Atkinson is an experienced cookery writer and food consultant who has over 15 years experience in recipe writing and food styling. Kathryn Hawkins is an experienced cookery writer and food stylist. She has worked on several women's magazines written a number of books. Carol Pastor studied at art college and worked as a magazine designer in London before becoming a food writer. Her recipes have been featured in numerous books and magazines. Italian born Alessandra Zecchini worked in London and Tokyo as a food writer before moving to Auckland. She now teaches Italian and Japanese Cuisine. Joy Skipper is an experienced food writer and recipe stylist who has worked for a number of magazines. Sue McMahon is Woman's Weekly Cookery Editor. Although she's happy to take on the challenge of any culinary recipe, her passion is cakes and she travels the world teaching cake decorating.
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