Empire's Law: The American Imperial Project and the "War to Remake the World"

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April 2006



Can democracy and human rights really be imposed 'by fire and sword'? Answering this and other questions, outstanding contributors including Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin, Jurgen Habermas, Ulrich Preuss, Andrew Arato and Samir Amin provide a rigourous account of the nature of American empire in the twenty-first century. 'Empire' is now a key issue in studies of international relations and globalisation. This book provides the serious theoretical grounding that is so often missing from populist accounts. The contributors examine the impact that the doctrine of pre-emptive war has had on international law and human rights, and the implications that it has for the future of global justice and the rule of law at domestic and international levels. Charting new ways forward, using a variety of legal and political arguments, the contributors provide a wide-ranging analysis that will be useful to anyone studying empire and international law. Topics include: the role of Europe; theorising empire; the role of the UN; people's tribunals, occupation and democracy in Iraq; and the contradictions of war and human rights.


Tony Benn: Preface; Amy Bartholomew: Introduction; Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin: Theorising American Empire; Jurgen Habermas: Interpreting the Fall of a Monument; Ulrich Preuss: The Iraq War - Critical Reflections from 'Old Europe'; Nehal Bhuta: Prometheus Rebound - The United States, International Law and the UN in the Wake of Iraq; Trevor Purvis: Empire's Law? Looking for Life Signs in an International Rule of Law; Doris Buss: Gunfight at High Noon - Muscular Human Rights and the Rule of Law; Amy Bartholomew: Contending with Militarised Human Rights and Cosmopolitan Risks in an Age of Empire; Peter Swan: American Empire, Empire, or Empires? The Iraq War and the Juridification of Empire[s]; Andrew Arato: Between Imposition and Populist Democracy - Iraqi Constitution; Making and the Prospects of Historical Compromise; Reg Whitaker: Limited Autonomy on the Margins of Empire? The Canadian Case; Margit Mayer: Empire's Progeny - The Contradictions in German and US Politics in Light of the 'War on Terror'; David Coates: New Labour's Humanitarian Justifications for War or Ethical Foreign Policy; Fuyuki Kurasawa: Putting Empire on Trial; Samir Amin: Reconsidering the UN - A View from the Global South; Phyllis Bennis: Towards a New Internationalism; Ed Broadbent: Conclusion.
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