Advertising Decision Making Process

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Juli 2011



Advertising is fascinating and provocative. There has been a dramatic acceleration in the pace and nature of advertising all over the world. The challenging competitive environment of the market calls for adopting innovative marketing strategies in building the brand image, gaining the confidence of the customers and reaching a larger customer base. In this back drop the book focuses on various aspects of advertising decision making process with specific reference to selection of an advertising agency by building an objective mathematical model for the selection of an ideal advertising agency. Besides the issue of selection, various other issues of advertising are elaborated, debated and conclusions drawn in the following chapters.


Ammani Krishna is a Professor of Marketing at Icfai Business School,Hyderabad,India. She got her PhD from Osmania University. She is consulting editor of The Icfaian Journal of Management Research.Prof. Ammani's areas of expertise and teaching include marketing research, strategy and quantitative techniques.
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