Three Novel Experiments on Wheatstone's Bridges

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Mai 2010



This is a compilation of three dissertations based on experimental projects by final year undergraduate students of Jhargram Raj College, Jhargram-721507, West Bengal, India. The topics embody a detailed idea of Wheatstone's Bridge as a basic tool for electrical circuit networks, its different applications in direct and alternating circuits, some new experiments based on it. The first and second chapter gives ideas of Wheatstone's Bridge and different types it. The third chapter determines variation of low resistance of manganin wire with the help of Kelvin double Bridge. In the fourth chapter, the variation of magnetic permeability and susceptibility of different media, viz. steel wool of different concentrations, inside a solenoid are investigated using Anderson's Bridge. The study on measuring the variation of dielectric constant and polarisability of paraffin wax doped with different concentrations of lamp black carbon is investigated and compared with the help of Schering's Bridge and De Sauty's Bridge.


Dr. Amitava Ghorai, Associate Professor, worked in different Government Colleges in West Bengal and is now posted at Chandernagore College. Dr. Ghorai did his doctoral research on the study of point defects in solids and thin films. Recently point defects are considered using different model potentials and exchange and correlations.
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