Apexification and Apexogenesis

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Endodontic treatment of teeth with incomplete root development and divergent canal present a challenge in pediatric endodontics.The treatment of pulpal injury during this period provides a significant challenge for clinician.Depending upon the vitality of the affected pulp, two approaches are possible- Apexogenesis or Apexification.Apexogenesis is a vital pulp therapy procedure performed to encourage continued physiological development and formation of the root end.Apexification is method of inducing apical closure through the formation of mineralized tissue in the apical pulp region of non vital tooth with an incomplete formed root apex(open apex)


Dr.Amit khatri is a Post graduate dental surgeon from the Manipal university.He has specialised in the Paedodontics and Preventive dentistry stream and is working as an Asst.Proffesor in University College of Medical Sciences,Delhi University. He has many National and International publications , to his credit.
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