Utilization of Plastic Waste in Asphalting of Roads

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Dezember 2012



This book gives a clear idea about resent advancement in plastic road construction as well as its various aspects. Also invisigates the possibility of using various plastics in asphalting of roads. The object of work is to describe relevant methods of use of waste plastic in roads along with Eco-friendly disposal of plastic waste, collection of related literature available worldwide for reference & to compare it with actual experimental values. It also aims at importance & use of plastics in daily life as well as proper road connectivity for economic growth, while consideration of its economic aspects & impacts. The experimentation involves preparation of blends of various types of waste plastic with bitumen- a major ingreadent in road construction and coating of waste plastic on aggregates as another process. The modification of bitumen with plastic & road constructed with polymer coated aggregates are tested for various test parameters & compared with normal values. The results are quite positive both ecologically and economically.


Author obtained his Bachelors Degree in Chemical Technology and Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from C.O.E.T.Akola S.G.B.A.University, Amaravati,India. He worked with an N.G.O. on water conservation & environment protection.Presently he is working as a assistant professor in Dept.of Chemical Engineering, C.O.E.T.Akola, Maharashtra, India
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