The Elephant Hunters

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September 2008



Just plain greedy? Intrinsically corrupt? Or victims of the greatest game on earth, that of making money? The Elephant Hunters penetrates the secret world of big deals and investment banking and exposes the psyche and activities of one of the most powerful sects -financiers.


The Elephant and the Hunter                                                              Becoming a Hunter Staking the Claim                                                                           First Blood                                                                                        Anatomy of the Hunt                                                                       The Hunt That Goes Wrong The Powerbitches The Huntsmaster and His Throne        The Hunter and the Mirror


AMIELLE LAKE. BA, MBA loves to write. Her up-till-now career has had her in senior marketing finance roles throughout diverse industries, from mining to finance to software. She is passionate about finance and about the way people interact. It is these interests that form the foundation for her professional and artistic work. Ms. Lake has published numerous articles in both academic, trade and general media outlets. She received an International MBA with distinction from the Northampton Business School and an International Management Diploma from the Ecole Superieure de Commerce et Management. Amielle Lake also received a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia. The Elephant Hunters is Amielles first book
ANDREW KAKABADSE is Professor of International Management Development, Cranfield School of Management, UK. Andrew was the H. Smith Richardson Fellow at CCL, North Carolina, USA and is Visiting Professor at the University of Ulster; Macquarie Graduate School of Management; Thunderbird and at Swinburne University. His research covers boards, top teams and the governance of governments. He has published 26 books, 169 articles and 16 monographs. Andrew is co-editor of the Journal of Management Development and Corporate Governance:International Journal of Business in Society
NADA K KAKABADSE, BSc Grad.Dip MSc MPA PhD is currently Professor in Management and Business research at the University of Northampton Business School and the co-editor (with Andrew Kakabadse) of the Journal of Management and Corporate Governance: International Journal of Business in Society. Nada has published widely in areas of leadership, application of IS/IT corporations, corporate governance, government, boardroom effectivness, diversity management and ethics, including 10 books, 49 chapters in international volumes, 3 monographs and over 100 scholarly and reviewed articles. Nada has acted as a consultant to numerous public and private sector organisations.


'This is a marvellous story of the Moneymen and "Powerbitches" of high finance who hold all the levers in the engine room of contemporary capitalism. Drawing on remarkably frank interviews with financiers from all over the globe, the book tells a tale that's both personal and historical. It's not just about money and the power that goes with it, or about personal and institutional successes and failures, but the startling relationships, understandings and "crackberries" that help make the finance markets the driving force of globalisation they are today.' -Professor David Hayward-Dean, Swinburn University of Technology, Australia. 'Written in an engaging style which hooks you in immediately, The Elephant Hunters illustrates vividly how success in investment banking requires a complex blend of art and science. One's networks, relationships and 'gut feel' seem to be as important, if not more important, than any analytical capability. Required reading for anyone thinking of swimming in this pool of sharks!' -Cliff Bowman, Director of Research, Ashridge Business School, UK 'The authors lay bare the true motivations of the moneymen at times intimidating and arrogant, but their desire to leave a charitable legacy gives meaning to their journey. The Elephant Hunters is a rare combination of an infectious read and convincing research.' -David Pumphrey Senior Partner, Heidrick& Struggles, Australia 'A fascinating story of ambition, avarice and altruism - characteristics of the masters of our financial universe' -John Phillips, Chancellor, University of Western Sydney, Australia. 'A fascinating read: I couldn't put the book down!' -Professor D.R Myddelton, Emeritus Professor, Cranfield School of Management UK 'A rare and amazing journey with real insights into the personalities behind the fortunes' -Dr Robert Galavan, Head of Department, Business and Law, National University of Ireland Maynooth. 'Memories flooded back, from doubling my earnings as a ten year old by wishing the customers 'Happy Easter', to the embarrassment of my obsessive working souring family obligations and the deep satisfaction of selling my business. The Elephant Hunters offers narrative and insights which do not underestimate the three pillars of success: effort, judgment and good fortune' -Charles Rose, Director, Hainsford Developments Limited , UK 'Explosive! This book gets to the heart of the most egoistic and yet fragile system on this earth, that of money.' -Baroness Maggie Jones- House of Lords, London, UK 'This book reads like a thrilling novel that is hard to put down!' -Professor David Altman- Vice President Research and Innovation, Centre for Creative Leadership, USA 'Portraits of unchecked life forces blazing desperately in response to the thrill of success' -Peter Carre, Chairman, The Water Resources Group, Australia 'Fascinating and horrifying; the jobs consume the people - yet a solution is proffered' Rosalind Gilmore Director, The Leadership Foundation, Washington DC, USA.
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