Political Theatre in Post-Thatcher Britain: New Writing: 1995-2005

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The 'in-yer-face' plays of the mid-1990s announced a new generation shaped by Thatcherism and defined by antipathy to social ideals and political involvement. They have generated thoughtful and lively responses from playwrights. The resulting dialogue has brought politics to the forefront of British drama and reinvigorated British theatre.


Acknowledgements Politics and Theatre Generational Politics: The In-Yer-Face Plays Intergenerational Dialogue Systems of Power Issues for Post-Thatcher Britain Post-Thatcher Britain and Global Politics Political Theatre in an Era of Disengagement Bibliography Index


AMELIA HOWE KRITZER is Associate Professor in the Department of Theater, University of St Thomas, Minnesota, USA. She is the author of The Plays of Caryl Churchill: Theatre of Empowerment (1991), and compiled and edited Plays by Early American Women, 1775-1850 (1995). Her essays on British and American drama have appeared in an international range of journals and themed volumes.


'...a good introduction to the range of new writing in British Theatre over the past ten years...' - Sarah Grochala, Contemporary Theatre Review 'This book answers the need for a general survey of new British plays, including mainstream drama as well as studio work, by focusing on the political aspect of drama staged in the past decade...Kritzer's readings of individual plays, focusing on the symbolic or political aspects of the work, are thorough and thought-provoking... [and] her engaging summaries of some eighty plays make this a very useful book for students.' - Aleks Sierz, New Theatre Quarterly
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