Economics, Values, and Organization

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A path-breaking analysis of the relationship between economic institutions and values.


Foreword Amartya Sen; Preface Avner Ben-Ner and Louis Putterman; 1. Introduction: values and institutions in economic analysis Avner Ben-Ner and Louis Putterman; Part I. The Formation and Evolution of Social Norms and Values: 2. The simultaneous evolution of institutions and norms Robert Sugden; 3. A utilitarian theory of political legitimacy Ken Binmore; 4. Why do we care what others think of us? Chaim Fershtman and Yoram Weiss; 5. Starting with nothing: on the impossibility of grounding: norms solely in self-interest Jane Mansbridge; Part II. The Generation and Transmission of Values in Families and Communities: 6. Did father know best? Families, markets, and the supply of caring labor Nancy Folbre and Tom Weisskopf; 7. How communities govern: the structural basis of pro-social norms Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis; 8. The limits or moral diversity Timur Kuran; 9. Moral diversity and specialized values: some observations John Michael Montias; Part III. Social Norms and Culture: 10. Social norms as positional arms control agreements Robert Frank; 11. Gifts and bribes Susan Rose-Ackerman; 12. How do we know whether a monetary transaction is a gift, an entitlement, or a payment? Viviana Zelizer; Part IV. The Organization of Work, Trust, and Incentives: 13. How effective are trust- and reciprocity-based incentives? Ernst Fehr and Simon Gachter; 14. Worker trust, system vulnerability, and the performance of work groups Andrew Schotter; 15. Trust: beliefs and morality Jonathan Baron; 16. Who is the custodian of the custodians? Russell Hardin; Part V. Markets, Values, and Welfare: 17. Institutions and morale: the crowding-out effect Bruno S. Frey; 18. The joyless market economy Robert Lane; Epilogue: historical evolution of values and institutions Douglass North.
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