Sustainability of Conservation Efforts in Tanzania

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November 2011



Game Controlled Areas as other wildlife-protected area categories in Tanzania, have a great role on wildlife conservation, which is a unique natural heritage and resource of great importance both nationally and internationally too. These areas are important as dispersal areas for wildlife, economic value of resources and their potential to contribute to sustainable development. Human-wildlife interactions in these areas have led to increasing resource use conflicts, which negatively affect sustainability of the resources therein. This Book provides challenges and prospects in Game Controlled Areas in Tanzania by taking Kilombero Game Controlled Area as a case study. The Book further suggests options towards sustainable resource management of the area.


I hold a Master of Science in Natural Resources Assessment & Management from University of Dar es Salaam. I also hold a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management, the degree of Sokoine University of Agriculture.I work for Tanzania National Parks as Park Warden since 2007 when I was employed.My current working station is Kilimanjaro National Park.
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Untertitel: Management of Game Controlled Areas in Tanzania; Challenges & Prospects: A Case Study of Kilombero Game Controlled Area. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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