Karl Marx

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This is one of the most respected books on Marx's philosophical thought. Wood explains Marx's views from a philosophical standpoint and defends Marx against common misunderstandings and criticisms of his views. All the major philosophical topics in Marx's work are considered: the central concept of alienation; historical materialism and Marx's account of social classes; the nature and social function of morality; philosophical materialism and Marx's atheism; and Marx's use of the Hegelian dialectical method and the Marxian theory of value.The second edition has been revised to include a new chapter on capitalist exploitation and new suggestions for further reading. Wood has also added a substantial new preface which looks at Marx's thought in light of the fall of the Soviet Union and our continued ambivalence towards capitalism, exploring Marx's continuing relevance in the twenty-first century.


Preface; Biographical Sketch; Introduction; Part One: Alienation: 1. The Concept of Alienation; 2. The Human Essence; 3. Human Production; 4. Alienation and Capitalism; Part Two: Historical Materialism; 5. Production and Society; 6. Classes; 7. Materialist Explanations; 8. Materialism, Agency and Consciousness; Part Three: Marxism and Morality; 9. Marx on Right and Justice; 10. Morality as Ideology; Part Four: Philosophical Materialism; 11. Materialism Naturalism; 12. Materialist Realism; Part Five: The Dialectical Method; 13. The Hegelian Dialectic; 14. The Marxian Dialectic; 15. Dialectic in Capital; Concluding Remark; Notes; Bibliography; Index


Allen Wood is Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University. His previous publications include Kant's Moral Religion (1970), Kant's Rational Theology (1978), Hegel's Ethical Thought (1990), and Kant's Ethical Thought (1999).
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