Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology: Volume 40 - Supplement 25 - An Approach to Complexity from a Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence P

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An Approach to Complexity from a Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Perspective to The Virtual Workplace


"An Approach to Complexity from a Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Perspective, Oscar N. Garcia Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Based Systems for Space, Joachim Fuchs, Richard Doyle, and Ichiro Nakatani Computing in Small Colleges, William H. Myers Discretization Methods in Supervised Learning, D. A. Zighed, S. Rabaseda, R. Rakotomalala, and F. Feschet Environmental Software Systems, Ralf Denzer Feature Interactions, Wiet Bouma Fuzzy Neural Trees, Les M. Sztandera Fuzzy Relation Compositions with Applications in Pattern Recognition, Kim Le I/O in Parallel and Distributed Systems, David Kotz and Ravi Jain Mobile Agents, Kurt Rothermel and Markus Schwehm Modeling and Simulation, Enrique V. Kortright Monitor Taxonomy, Peter A. Buhr, Michael H. Coffin, and Michel Fortier Organizational Memory Systems, Guy A. Boy Quantum Computers, Seth Lloyd Randomized Parallel Computing, Sanguthevar Rajasekaran Representing User Behavior in Human-Computer Interaction, Nancy J. Cooke and Douglas J. Gillan Techniques and Tools for Performance Analysis, Maria Carla Calzarossa Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems, Albert Nymeyer The Virtual Workplace, Magid Igbaria, Paul Gray, and Moshe Zviran "
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