Business Math Demystified

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This work teaches business-management students all the basic mathematics used in a retail business and follows the standard curriculum of Business Math courses.


<H4>PREFACE<H3>Chapter 1: Fractions -- Review<H3>Chapter 2: Decimals -- Review<H3>Chapter 3: Percent -- Review<H3>Chapter 4: Formulas -- Review<H3>Chapter 5: Checking Accounts<H3>Chapter 6: Payroll and Commission<H3>Chapter 7: Markup<H3>Chapter 8: Discounts<H3>Chapter 9: Simple Interest and Promissory Notes<H3>Chapter 10: Compound Interest<H3>Chapter 11: Annuities and Sinking Funds<H3>Chapter 12: Consumer Credit<H3>Chapter 13: Mortgages<H3>Chapter 14: Insurance<H3>Chapter 15: Taxes<H3>Chapter 16: Stocks and Bonds<H3>Chapter 17: Depreciation<H3>Chapter 18: Inventory<H3>Chapter 19: Financial Statements<H3>Chapter 20: Statistics<H3>Chapter 21: Charts and Graphs<H4>FINAL EXAM<H4>ANSWERS TO QUIZZES AND FINAL EXAM<H4>INDEX


Allan G. Bluman is a professor emeritus at the Community College of Allegheny County, South Campus, near Pittsburgh. He has taught mathematics and statistics for over 35 years. He received an Apple for the Teacher award in recognition of his bringing excellence to the learning environment at South Campus. He has also taught statistics for Penn State University at the Greater Allegheny (McKeesport) Campus and at the Monroeville Center. He received his master's and doctor's degrees from the University of Pittsburgh.In addition to Elementary Statistics: A Step by Step Approach (Eighth Edition ©2012) and Elementary Statistics: A Brief Version (Fifth Edition ©2010), Al is a co-author on a liberal arts mathematics text published by McGraw-Hill, Math in Our World (2nd Edition ©2011). Al also the author of for mathematics books in the McGraw-Hill DeMystified Series. They are Pre-Algebra, Math Word Problems, Business Math, and Probability.Al Bluman is married and has two sons and a granddaughter.
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