Delusional Disorder: Paranoia and Related Illnesses

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November 2004



Comprehensive clinically oriented review of delusional disorder, including case histories and treatment guidelines.


List of case descriptions; Preface; Part I. Delusional Disorders and Delusions: Introductory Aspects: 1. Outline and introduction: a brief perspective on the delusional disorders; Part II. Descriptive and Clinical Aspects of Paranoia/Delusional Disorder: 2. Paranoia or delusional disorder; 3. Delusional disorder, somatic subtype; 4. Delusional disorder, jealousy subtype; 5. Delusional disorder, erotomanic subtype; 6. Delusional disorder, persecutory/litigious and grandiose subtypes; Part III. 'Paranoid Spectrum' Illnesses which should be Included in the Category of Delusional Disorder: 7. Paraphrenia and paranoid schizophrenia; 8. 'Late' paraphrenia and late onset schizophrenia; 9. Delusional misidentification syndrome; 10. Folie ... deux: an accompaniment of illnesses with delusions; Part IV. Illnesses which are Liable to be Misdiagnosed as Delusional Disorders: 11. Reactive and cycloid psychoses: the acute and transient psychotic disorders; 12. Non-psychotic disorders which may simulate delusional disorders; Part V. Treatment of Delusional Disorder and Overall Conclusions: 13. The treatment of delusional disorder; 14. Conclusions; Index.


'All in all this is a highly readable book, inspiring and almost seducing one to reconsider the diagnostic use of Delusional Disorder, and inviting future research into the nature of delusions and the psychopathology and epidemiology of paranoid disorders. The book should be obligatory for psychiatric libraries, particularly in DSM-using countries.' Aksel Bertelsen 'This book is not only an outstanding review of the literature by a leading expert in the field of delusional disorders, it also draws from the unique, extensive clinical experience of the author ... This is a unique book which deals with clinical realities which all clinicians are likely to encounter and have to deal with. It is strongly recommended.' Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics '... a valuable account of an area of psychiatry in which the patients are in steady supply. It is clearly and unusually well written and makes an easy, even enjoyable read, something that cannot be said for most psychiatric textbooks.' British Journal of Psychiatry '... an interesting book on an elusive disorder.' Royce Lee, MD
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