Projects in Linguistics and Language Studies

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Projects in Linguistics and Language Studies, Third Edition, is your essential guide when embarking on a research project in linguistics or English language. This third edition is clearly divided into the subject areas that most appeal to you as a student: psycholinguistics; first- and second-language acquisition; structure and meaning; sociolinguistics; language and gender; accents and dialects; and the history of English.New to this edition is a chapter on computer-mediated communication (CMC), to help you get to grips with how the latest technology can make your project even more of a success.This third edition of Projects in Linguistics and Language Studies offers you practical advice on:-identifying a topic-making your background reading even more effective -planning and designing a project-collecting and analysing data-writing up and presenting your findings.With over 320 project ideas that you can use directly or adapt to suit different contexts and interests, and with chapters on how to reference effectively and how to avoid plagiarism, this third edition of Projects in Linguistics and Language Studies is a reference guide that you will use again and again during your studies.


Preface to the third edition Acknowledgements International Phonetic Alphabet Chapter 1: Introduction: starting on the right foot PART I: AREAS OF STUDY AND PROJECT IDEAS Chapter 2: Psycholinguistics Chapter 3: First-language acquisition and development Chapter 4: Second-language acquisition Chapter 5: Structure and meaning Chapter 6: Style in spoken and written texts Chapter 7: Sociolinguistics Chapter 8: Language and gender Chapter 9: Accents and dialects of English Chapter 10: History of English Chapter 11: Computer-mediated communication PART II: TECHNIQUES FOR COLLECTING DATA Chapter 12: Audio- and video-recorded data Chapter 13: Experiments Chapter 14: Questionnaires, interviews, and focus groups Chapter 15: Observation and case studies Chapter 16: Ethical considerations in research projects PART III: TOOLS FOR DATA ANALYSIS Chapter 17: Transcribing speech phonetically and phonemically Chapter 18: Transcribing speech orthographically Chapter 19: Using computers to study texts Chapter 20: Statistics and your project PART IV: PRESENTING YOUR WORK Chapter 21: How to reference Chapter 22: Plagiarism and how to avoid it Chapter 23: Handy hints on writing good academic English Chapter 24: Hints on giving a good oral presentation References Index


Alison Wray, Research Professor, Centre for Language and Communication Research, Cardiff University. Aileen Bloomer, formerly Principal Lecturer in Language Studies and Linguistics, York St John University College.


Provides excellent guidance and material for those intending to research aspects of language. This [second edition] is a good book and, while written for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of language, it should serve as an important starting block for professionals wanting to become practitioner-researchers in this field. Child Language Teaching and Therapy Excellent resource for any project-based course Professor J Coates, University of Surrey
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