Re-Framing the Theatrical: Interdisciplinary Landscapes for Performance

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April 2007



Oddey questions the role of the spectator and director, and the nature of art works and performance. She provocatively demonstrates the spectator as centre of the artistic experience, a new kind of making theatre-art, revealing its spirit and nature; searching for space and contemplation in a hectic twenty-first century landscape.


List of Figuress Acknowledgements Foreword; Colin Wiggins Re-Framing Director-Creator-Collaborator: Devising and Technology 'It's about Cross-Over': Cross-Art Performance Re-thinking the Theatrical Frame: The Opera Director, Video Artist and Visual Artists Landscapes for Performance : the Geographies of Deborah Warner Angels, Soul and Rebirth Narratives of the City, Interpretations of Director, Reflections of Spectator The Art of Sound: Auditory Directions Performing Silence Notes Bibliography Index


ALISON ODDEY is Visiting Professor of Contemporary Performance and Visual Culture at the University of Northampton, UK. As a broadcaster, she wrote and presented the BBC Radio 4 series 'Stand-ups and Strumpets'. Her publications include The Potentials of Spaces, Performing Women and Devising Theatre.


'Alison Oddey - a highly regarded performance scholar - broke new ground with her first book on devising for theatre. In this latest intervention, Re-Framing the Theatrical, she makes some radical claims about performance, discussing spirituality, silence in performance, and the emergence of the spectator as performer-protagonist: key themes in contemporary practice and emerging theory.' - Professor Lizbeth Goodman, SMARTlab, University of East London
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