An A-Z of Modern America

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An A-Z of Modern America is a comprehensive cultural dictionary which defines contemporary America through its history and civilization. The book includes entries on:key people from presidents to Babe RuthAmerican life, customs, clothing and educationlegal, religious and governmental practicesmulticulturalism, minorities and civil rightsAn A-Z of Modern America offers accessible and lively definitions of over 3,000 separate items. The book is cross-referenced and thus provides associated links and cultural connections while the appendices contain essential extra information on American institutions, structures and traditions.


"]..not only filled with interesting tidbits of information but is concise, reasonably well organized, useful as a reference book, and entertaining to read."
-"Choice, April 2000
"This volume is interesting to peruse good definitions of many things uniquely American."
-"American Reference Books Annual[ARBA], 2000 Edition
"This interesting dictionary provides more than 3,000 key terms that are part of the language that culturally defines modern America. This volume is interesting to persue and presents good definitions of many things uniquely American. ...what is included here is worthwhile. "A-Z of Modern America will find use in public and undergraduate academic libraries.."
-" American Reference Books Annual, 2000
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