Missing Priests: The Zadokites in Tradition and History

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Biblical scholars agree that priesthood(s) played a critical role in the social, historical, cultural, and religious lives of the ancient Israelites. This study seeks to clarify the role of one such priesthood, the Zadokites.


Presuppostions Set the Paradigm: Zadokites as the Dominant Priesthood; II. A Time for Cacophony, A Time for Polyphony: Historiography, Ancient Israel, and the Zadokites; III. Biblical Evidence of the Zadokites; IV. Extra-Biblical Evidence of the Zadokites; V. Zadokites in Social Context.


Alice Hunt is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Senior Lecturer in Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt University, USA.


The book offers a valuable corrective to more 'maximalising' accounts of the Zadokites, mainly by showing how very little may be said of them with any certainty. Hunt's strongest argument arises from combining a skeptical historiographical reading with the insights Lenski's model provides.--Sanford Lakoff
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