Shaky Ground: The Sixties and Its Aftershocks

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Januar 2002



Alice Echols has never shied away from controversy. Long before it was fashionable, she wrote searing critiques of antiporn feminism. Her subsequent books about the 1960s are trenchant and provocative, and written with unflinching honesty. Now she maps an alternative history of contemporary American culture, taking on such subjects as hippies, gay/lesbian and women's liberation, disco and the racial politics of music, and artists as diverse as Joni Mitchell and Lenny Kravitz. Echols upends many of our bedrock assumptions about American culture since the 1950s, challenging in particular the notions that the '60s represented a total rupture with the past and that the '70s marked the end of meaningful change.


Part I: Postwar America and the 1960s: The Long, Strange Trip1. Hope and Hype in Sixties Haight-Ashbury2. The Ike Age: Rethinking the 1950s
Part II: Feminism, Sexual Freedom, and Identity Politics3. "We Gotta Get Out of This Place'': Notes Toward a Remapping of the Sixties
Part III: Turn the Beat Around4. "Nothing Distant About It'': Women's Liberation and Sixties Radicalism5. The Dworkinization of Catharine MacKinnon6. "Totally Ready to Go'': Shulamith Firestone and The Dialectic of SexThe Taming of the Id: Feminist Sexual Politics, 1968--19838. Queer Like Us?9. "Thousands of Men and a Few Hundred Women'': Janis Joplin, Sexual Ambiguity, and Bohemia10. Gender Disobedience, Academia, and Popular Culture11. "Shaky Ground'': Popular Music in the Disco Years12. White Faces, Black Masks13. The Refuge of the Lions' Den: An Interview with John Paul Hammond14. "Play That Funky Music'': An Interview with Lenny Kravitz15. "The Soul of a Martian'': A Conversation with Joni Mitchell


Alice Echols


"[Echols'] essays on social change... are tightly argued and well researched... Intriguing." -- Myra marx Ferree, Signs
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