Anti-Capitalism: A Marxist Introduction

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Februar 2003



Political protests against neoliberal globalization, corporate power and the inequities of contemporary capitalism are increasing all the time. Demonstrations in Seattle, Prague, Genoa and elsewhere have fuelled the debate on the possibility of a radically different future. This book is a collection of essays from some of the world's leading Marxist economists on the problems of globalization and the evolution of modern capitalism. With contributions from Ellen Meiksins Wood, Michael Perelman, John Weeks, Ben Fine and Suzanne de Brunhoff, among others, it provides a cohesive critique of the weaknesses of the existing system and puts forward a new agenda for anti-capitalist thought and action. Covering key issues such as globalization, the nation state, money and finance, conflict and war, technological change, the environment, class struggle, economic crisis, capitalism in the Third World, the collapse of the USSR, and the transcendence of capitalism, this is an ideal introduction to some of the most pressing problems of our time

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