Loyal Soldiers in the Cocaine Kingdom: Tales of Drugs, Mules, and Gunmen

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September 2009



Alfred Molano reveals the lives of the couriers who transport drugs from Colombia into the United States and Europe. Colombians from many different backgrounds tell the story of how they became involved in smuggling, forced to find a way out of poverty in the middle of an unending civil war.


Acknowledgments Translator's Acknowledgments From the Maelstrom, with Their Country on Their Backs, by James Graham 1. The Mule Driver 2. Scuzzball 3. Hanged Man 4. Eight Years, Three Months, One Day 5. Sharon's Diary 6. The Nun 7. Puppet Notes


Alfredo Molano is a sociologist and journalist with numerous books to his credit. Recently a visiting professor at Stanford University, his explosive writing has resulted in his exile from Colombia.James Graham has translated Roque Dalton, Pedro Juan Gutierrez and many others. His Delirium Tremens New York will appear in France in 2004.


The major pleasure of this book lies in the sheer zest of its telling. Molano has an ear for magic-realist openings and pungent country wisdom. Minneapolis City Paper Molano's narratives are powerful arguments for a policy that addresses the poverty -- and aspirations -- of Colombia's citizens. -- Paul LaFarge Village Voice Literary Supplement
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