Michelangelo and the Reform of Art

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September 2000



A study of Michaelangelo's associations with reformers, and concern over the fate of religious art.


Introduction: Michelangelo's work as an art historian; Part I. History Painting and Cult Images in the Altarpiece: 1. Transport and Transitus; 2. Man of sorrows and entombment; 3. Humanism and the altar image; 4. The altarpiece in the age of history painting; Part II. Presentation and Withdrawal: Michelangelo's Late Pietas; 5. Passionate withdrawal; 6. Art work and cult image; 7. Sculpture as relic.


'... engages in a subtle tracing of reformist concerns in Michelangelo's work... Much scope for thought is opened up, and this, surely, is the sign of a good book.' The Art Book 'This is not only one of the most important books written on Michelangelo in recent years but it is probably also the most challenging ... essential reading.' Apollo
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